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3 common unsafe conditions at nursing homes

Numerous senior citizens rely on nursing homes to receive the care and companionship they need. As of 2015, Florida had over 70,000 people living in assisted care facilities in the state. 

Many of these facilities take great care to ensure residents are safe. However, every building requires maintenance, and occasionally, a building can fall into a state of disarray. Seniors should always keep an eye out for unsafe conditions at their nursing homes so that they know when to bring something to the attention of the staff. Otherwise, someone could suffer a serious injury

1. Environmental hazards

All buildings should have clean air inside so that people do not breathe in harmful pathogens. Additionally, the presence of excessive moisture can eventually lead to the development of mold. Leakages in appliances can lead to radon or carbon monoxide entering the environment. Every building should undergo radon testing on a regular basis to ensure this gas does not affect occupants. 

2. Inadequate maintenance

The staff members who work for a nursing home need to remain constantly vigilant of potential hazards to senior citizens. For example, a light bulb burning out may not seem like a huge deal, but the lack of light could cause someone to trip and fall. Other dangers include wet floors and ill-fitting wheelchairs. 

3. Lack of staff

There are a variety of issues that can plague staff members, such as layoffs or restructuring. With fewer members, residents may not receive the care and attention they got before. This can lead to oversights or staff members making small but disastrous errors due to lack of concentration. Every nursing home should have an adequate staff-to-resident ratio to ensure everyone receives a good amount of personal attention. 

People living in a nursing home should not hesitate to speak up if something seems off. The staff may not realize a certain area is unsafe to walk over or a similar issue is present. Under most circumstances, the staff will get to work immediately to rectify the situation.