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Aggressive Representation In Florida Rear-End Accident Claims

The most common car accident is the rear-end collision or rear-ender. Generally, these accidents are nonfatal, but when the striking car is traveling at high speed, fatalities do occur. Rear-enders happen in various situations, including:

  • Stop-and-go traffic
  • When a car is stopped at a traffic signal or stop sign
  • When slower traffic merges with faster traffic
  • When the car behind suddenly accelerates
  • When the driver of the car behind is distracted by texting or some other activity

The Most Likely Injuries

The most common result of a rear-end accident is soft tissue damage sometimes called whiplash. The term whiplash has been used so casually that many think it is a minor injury. But in fact, it often has long-lasting consequences — headaches, immobility, chronic pain.

Other common rear-ender injuries include spinal cord damage, broken vertebrae and brain damage from the head striking the windshield or steering wheel. All of these are major injuries. Some will last a lifetime. Some will result in the victim’s death.

At The Briggs Law Firm of Ocala, Florida, we have extensive experience representing clients who have been injured in rear-end collisions. Because of Randy Briggs’ experience working for insurance carriers, he knows exactly how far insurance companies are willing to go to wrap up your case.

Working To Obtain Compensation On Your Behalf

We will seek that maximum compensation number for you, to cover your medical bills and time away from work, plus money for the suffering and pain you have had to endure.

In cases where the other driver was drunk or distracted, we go the extra distance, seeking punitive damages to make an example of that deadly kind of carelessness.

We invite you to call our personal injury attorneys at 352-671-4600 to discuss your rear-end accident and to develop a strategy for maximum compensation. We always offer no-charge, no-obligation first visits, and we do not charge a fee unless we succeed on your behalf.