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What is the wrongful death act?

Wrongful death occurs when someone dies due to the negligence or criminal actions of another person or entity. The wrongful death statute allows you to make a claim in court to seek damages from the guilty party. The Florida Statutes explain the Florida Wrongful Death...

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Should I settle my personal injury case?

Were you aware that the vast majority of claims related to accidents or injuries actually never make it into a courtroom? It is far more common for both the plaintiff and the defendant to come to a settlement and avoid court altogether. Whether or not you should look...

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What should I know about scars?

The impact of an auto accident can leave you with scars on your body. A scar may damage your appearance if you cannot cover the scar with clothing and may also negatively impact your ability to work. For these reasons, a scar may cause you psychological harm as well. ...

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