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Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Ocala

Bicycling on our North and Central Florida roads has become an increasingly popular sport. But bicycle riding, whether for long distances, for exercise or by children, presents dangerous hazards.

The lawyers of The Briggs Law Firm have handled many bicycle accidents over the years. When lawsuits have been required, the negligent operator of a car or truck is asked in detail to explain their actions. Very often they have admitted that they simply never saw the bicycle.

We’ll Work Through The Complications Of Your Case

Of course bicycles provide many additional issues. They have no protection whatsoever. Unlike a motorcycle, they cannot quickly accelerate or keep up with vehicle traffic. Because their speed is so reduced from that of passing traffic, they have to depend upon the careful attention of passing motorists. That is often not the case. We have handled many bicycle cases in the past, some with moderate injury, some with very severe injuries and even death.

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