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Texting And Driving

Texting and Driving

“Driving while texting should be outlawed. You read about accidents caused by texting drivers, and I’m here to tell you that my husband was killed by a texting driver in Marion County. In the middle of a normal day, this person crossed over the middle of the road and hit my husband’s truck and killing my husband. Randy took over and refused to settle my case without that driver paying for what he did beyond the insurance he and his employer carried. He even wrote letters to the Florida Legislature protesting on my behalf the weak law that they ultimately passed and which will do nothing to fix the problem of texting while driving in Florida. I really appreciate all that he did for me and the interest he showed in my case.”

Melody M.

Motorcycle And Log Truck Accident

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“My son was killed in a motorcycle accident when he ran into the back of a log truck that was stopped in the road. The insurance company denied all responsibility because it was a rear-end accident. Randy was able to prove that the trailer was not properly equipped with lights and reflective tape, and with the assistance of a reconstruction engineer and a human factors expert was able to demonstrate why the log truck trailer could not be seen, and how easily it could have been seen if properly equipped. The insurance company was convinced and settled the case a week before the trial. I believe they honored my son in this senseless accident by never giving up and insisting on a proper result.”

D. M.

Truck Accident

“Randy represented me several years ago when I was literally run over by a golf cart by a careless driver who was looking behind him resulting in several injuries and surgery to my foot. So when my wife and I were hit by a truck on the bridge between Tampa and St. Petersburg, I would not consider hiring anyone else even though there are plenty of lawyers in the Tampa Bay area. He surpassed my expectations and executed a strategy he had created, step-by-step, which I believe maximized the large recoveries I made. Through his personal interest and efforts, we developed an enduring friendship and in fact we communicate often, to this day. I am a retired insurance company executive and have a knowledge of the insurance claims process. To say that Randy went “above and beyond” is simply an understatement. What we found with The Briggs Law Firm I doubt you would find with many offices, if any.”

Paul M.

Construction Zone Accident

Construction zone accident Construction zone accident

“My son tragically died when he was a passenger in a car with other college students that was struck by a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road. We hired The Briggs Law Firm. Randy thoroughly investigated the accident, hired engineering experts, dug up road construction records, and determined other irresponsible people contributed to the accident. The accident occurred where two road construction projects merged. A series of errors were made by various contractors and engineers that led to an unsafe temporary traffic pattern that failed to provide proper roadway markings, striping, reflectors, and signs which caused confusion for many people, even one of the deputies investigating the crash. Randy proved proper standards and guidelines were not followed and filed a lawsuit taking on 12 different lawyers. It took two years but he held every responsible party accountable, one by one, for what they did wrong. It is our hope that they will never again make those same mistakes which may save other lives. The way in which Randy maneuvered through that complicated case and proved the negligence of each party was remarkable, and gave us at least some measure of comfort in honoring our son.”


Motorcycle Accidents

Bruise Bruise

“I reside in New York. I had a bad motorcycle accident in Florida with over $120,000 in medical bills with a controversial condition that the other side claimed was not related to the accident. The Briggs Law Firm had to hire an investigator in Canada to find the negligent Canadian driver, sue him through some complicated international legal requirements, and then they overcame his claim that the accident was my own fault. They got me everything I deserved just prior to trial. I was fortunate to find such trustworthy and hard-working lawyers when I do not even live in Florida. My daughter, a nurse, recommended them because of their reputation, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Henry G.

Premises Liability

Premises Testimonial

“I researched lawyers carefully on the internet and decided to call The Briggs Law Firm. Boy am I glad I did. A store employee fell through an unsafe railing, knocking me to the ground, severely injuring me to the extent that my life-long career as a nurse ended. They worked tirelessly on my case, and ultimately convinced the insurance company on all contested issues, achieving a confidential result well into six figures. I would recommend them to anyone. Their personal interest in my family, and our lives was very impressive.”

John H.

Parade Accident

“My little boy was run over and killed by a float in a Christmas parade in Central Florida. Randy represented my husband and me. He met with us countless times, and he and his assistant were always available to answer any questions, and to explain as everything moved forward. They took a very personal interest in our loss, and they were able to conclude our case and make all the responsible parties accountable. Those first couple of years were a very difficult time for us, and The Briggs Law Firm was just incredible. They got for us what we thought was a very large result, but they assured us it was a proper result. We would recommend The Briggs Law Firm to anyone.”

Connie H.

Trip-And-Fall Accident

Testimonial Testimonial

“My wife, my daughter, and I had breakfast at a well-known Tampa restaurant. When leaving and walking to our car, my wife tripped on a dangerous condition in the parking lot that was not easy to see or understand. My wife tripped, struck her head, and she died within 24 hours. The insurance company said it was not dangerous and could be easily seen. Randy proved otherwise in an arbitration trial. He worked with an expert engineer to prove our case. The condition violated several safety standards. He worked long and hard to obtain the large arbitration award, and I thank everyone in The Briggs Law Firm for helping me through this process, and never giving up on this case.”

Don P.

Car Accident


“I had a car accident that no one seemed interested in. And then Randy became involved and believed in me. He took the time to fully investigate and prove to the other side that even though my injuries were only treated by a chiropractor, my injuries kept me from pursuing a career in law enforcement that I wanted. The results he obtained were actually shocking to me. Even more impressive was his belief in me, his trust in me, and his commitment to my case.”

Amber P.

Motorcycle Accident


“Believe it or not, I met Randy when I was in prison. He was part of a Christian motorcycle ministry that visited our prison. I talked to him and remembered his name in case I ever needed a lawyer when I got out. Well I got out and recently had a motorcycle accident. I called him from the hospital where I was admitted for 10 days. Even though it was 15 years ago, he remembered me. He took my case. He not only recovered all available insurance, but he negotiated thousands of dollars of medical bills so I had no remaining debt. He was respectful of me and professional even though I made some bad decisions earlier in my life. I would recommend his office to anyone.”

Jack R.

Truck Accident

“My brother and I were both teenagers when our father was killed on I-75 in Georgia. He was a truck driver, and tried to avoid a car that was being driven by a foreign tourist who swerved across three lanes in front of him trying to make an exit ramp. The Briggs Law Firm worked with engineers, other experts, and the Georgia Highway Patrol in proving what happened and chasing after the driver and the rental car company. They used Georgia law to make a very large recovery which provided many things for my brother and me, including a college education fund, income, and future lump sum payments. We really appreciate the work they did and especially the way in which they constantly gave us reports and explained everything.”

Corey S.

Horse Accident

Testimonial Testimonial

“I was kicked by a horse. Normally that is just a risk of being in the horse business, but Randy was able to prove it was the result of negligent mishandling by the horse owner. In addition, he helped refer me for proper medical care as my ultimate diagnosis of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy had been missed, and mishandled until he was able to get me to doctors who understood this condition, and knew how to treat this condition. My case settled for $500,000. Through the representation and guidance of The Briggs Law Firm, my life actually changed from constant pain with an inability to even function, to one with significant pain relief and a functional life. My husband and I are very thankful for the personal interest they showed in us.”

Cathy T.

Motorcycle AccidentMO

“I’ve had four motorcycle accidents since I moved to Florida. They were all caused by other drivers. And I was injured in each one. Randy represented me in each of them with what I thought were very good results. Maybe I should not ride a motorcycle. But I do. It has always been my hobby. I am very careful but car drivers are not. If I ever need help again, I’ll call Randy again. He rides motorcycles himself and understands motorcycle accidents.”

Paul M.

Car AccidentCAR My wife and I were in a bad auto accident. Because I served many years in the U.S. Army, I wanted a lawyer with military experience, and I found that with Randy who I learned had been a Lieutenant in the Army. I knew that I could trust him. He went about our cases in a very disciplined way. It reminded me of my military training. He was very fair with the other side, but never gave an inch. That’s the reason I hired him. We could not be more pleased we did.”

John H.