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Truck Accident Attorneys in Ocala

Commercial trucks are governed by a complex group of regulations and safety standards. Knowledge and use of those regulations is critical to successfully handling trucking claims. Many trucks contain electronic control modules, often called black boxes. These devices will frequently record things such as speed, RPMs, braking reactions and mileage.

Lawyers in The Briggs Law Firm have handled dozens of trucking accidents over the years.

How We Pursue Commercial Trucking Accident Claims

Safety standards for commercial trucks are changing. Messaging systems and satellite tracking equipment can sometimes be found and is sophisticated. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provided for a Compliance, Safety, Accountability program in 2010 that was designed to improve safety requirements for commercial trucks, and has changed the opportunity to research electronic data that might be available following accidents.

Preservation of this type of data that could be important to accident investigations is critical, and appropriate requests often must be made to be certain critical information is not lost or destroyed. Driver logs and trip records must frequently be created and preserved, and securing that information can be crucial to the experienced handling of a trucking claim.

Oftentimes professional engineering reconstruction of trucking accidents is required to fully determine and prove negligent truck operation. The lawyers of The Briggs Law Firm have years of experience in working with accident reconstruction experts both from within Florida and around the country.

Accidents Along I-75

Interstate 75 passes through Marion County, and thousands upon thousands of motorists passing through the state bisect Marion County on I-75. Considering southbound traffic that has not reached the split for Tampa and Orlando, and considering northbound traffic from Florida’s Turnpike and I-75 passing through Marion County, our local interstate is extremely congested, which results in numerous accidents.

We have experience in handling I-75 trucking accidents. Likewise, we have a great deal of experience in handling truck accident cases of all types, on all roadway conditions, from narrow county roads to high-speed four lanes.

We Can Help Deal With A Personal Injury Claim

Even the manner and methods by which an accident might be investigated, by law enforcement authorities or the Department of Transportation, can be critical, and must be understood. Our lawyers have sued the Florida Highway Patrol for its negligent handling of an I-75 trucking accident, and we are one of a very limited number of law firms within the state to have held FHP accountable through settling a claim.

Truck accidents can present unique issues. We can solve them. If you need help, you can rely on us. Get your case started today by contacting our firm or calling us at 352-671-4600 for help.