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Truck Accident FAQs

If you get into an accident with a commercial truck driver, there are different rules that are followed. After you have gotten into an accident, you want answers that may not be readily available to you. Anytime you get into an accident that was a truck driver’s fault, you want to contact a Florida personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

At The Briggs Law Firm in Ocala, we are committed to providing our clients with outstanding service, and we will work to get you maximum compensation for your case. We offer straightforward and honest communication through your entire case so you always know where you stand. We have provided answers to truck accident FAQ below for your convenience.

Q: What is considered a commercial truck?

A: A commercial truck is a large vehicle that is used to transport goods such as 18-wheeler semis, tanker trucks, delivery trucks or other large freight trucks.

Q: How are accidents with trucks different from other car accidents?

A: Because of the size of the trucks, the injuries sustained from truck accidents are often more serious than regular car accidents. Dealing with the truck owner and the company’s insurance provider can be complicated, and there are different laws and regulations for these situations.

Q: What compensation can I recover?

A: You can recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damages, and pain and suffering. You may also get money for future medical bills or rehabilitation of injuries.

Q: Do I need a lawyer?

A: Yes. These cases can be complicated, and a lawyer will help discover all the details of the accident and will work with the insurance company to secure maximum compensation.

Q: Can I sue the trucking company after an accident?

A: It depends on the relationship between the truck driver and the company. If the company can be held liable for the accident, then yes, they will be included as part of the personal injury suit.

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