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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Ocala

While North and Central Florida’s beautiful roads present a wonderful motorcycle experience, their car and truck drivers present dangerous hazards.

Many drivers simply do not see motorcycles.

Why is that? Are they distracted? Are they in a rush? Are they accustomed to looking for other cars and trucks, making motorcycles “off their radar”?

The lawyers of The Briggs Law Firm have handled dozens of motorcycle accidents claims over the years. When lawsuits have been required, the negligent operator of a car or truck is asked, in detail, to explain their actions. Most often, they have admitted, “I simply never saw the motorcycle.”

Some people say motorcycles are simply too dangerous, and you are foolish to ride one. We say motorcyclists deserve the same rules of the road, and the same respect as any other driver. We say people should be more careful and allow motorcyclists the safe driving experience that they deserve.

We Ride, Too

Senior partner Randy Briggs is a motorcyclist himself. A motorcycle was his first vehicle that he bought at age 17. He returned to motorcycling 20 years ago and has been a member of the Harley Owners Group since 1995. As such, he has a special and unique appreciation for other motorcyclists, the dangers they face, and their ability and inability to react to hazards.

In addition to the training provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and his years of experience in riding, Randy has also learned from motorcycle “experts” who have been involved in the cases he has handled.

Many motorcycle cases find their way to The Briggs Law Firm on account of these experiences, past handling of motorcycle accident cases and the awareness of some folks of Randy’s passion for motorcycling.

If you are looking for a lawyer and you feel this experience is important to you, and you have been in an accident, you might consider calling our firm. You can reach us at 352-671-4600 or through our online form.