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3 top causes of motor vehicle accidents

Preventing a car crash revolves first around awareness. As a driver, you have a duty to protect the occupants in your vehicle and the other drivers with whom you share the roads.
The top causes of accidents have not changed much in the last few years. Even with all of the campaigns to put an end to some bad habits, you may still find yourself taking control of a vehicle in less than ideal circumstances. Discover three of the top causes of crashes, so you may do your part to prevent them.

1. Distractions

Technology has dramatically improved the way you live and work. However, one major drawback to all the tech is the distraction it creates. Distracted driving is the top cause of car accidents. When you get behind the wheel, your focus needs to remain on driving. Instead, too many drivers find themselves changing radio stations, texting and programming GPS destinations. One way you can minimize in-car distractions is by locking your phone out of reach and disconnecting it from your vehicle’s Bluetooth.

2. Under the influence

Drunk driving is still a significant factor in car accidents. According to 2017 crash data provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, one-third of all vehicle fatalities involved alcohol impairment. While this rate is declining, it is still too steep. When out drinking, you are always safer to designate one person to drive home sober.

3. Excessive speed

When you speed, your chances of getting into an accident increase. Even if you believe going a little over the speed limit on a straight road carries zero risk, you may lose control. Speeding in poor weather, such as rain or snow, results in higher crash frequencies. The best thing to do is to leave earlier and remain at the posted limit.
Staying safe while operating a car depends on how drivers behave. Minimizing distractions, following speed limits and remaining sober are three of the most common ways you can keep yourself and others free from injury.