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Actor suffers serious back injuries in car accident

Earlier this year this Florida-based personal injury blog posted an article on the serious harm that spinal cord injuries can cause to their victims. An injury to the spinal cord may result in paralysis, the loss of motor function and bodily system control and other major health issues. Not everyone who suffers a spinal cord injury fully recovers from their suffering and some may live their lives with permanent and disabling trauma.

Spinal cord injuries happen when the back suffers harm. The spinal column runs down the back of a human’s body and is the protective layer of bone that surrounds the spinal cord. Muscles, tendons and a host of other types of connective tissue all help hold the back and spinal cord in place so that the whole body can move.

While spinal cord injuries can be catastrophic, any injury to the back can be painful, serious and potentially life-changing. Actor Kevin Hart was recently involved in a motor vehicle accident and was reported to have suffered a serious back injury. Hart was a passenger in a vehicle when the driver lost control. The vehicle rolled down an embankment and Hart was taken to the hospital to have surgery on his back.

While the details of Hart’s back injuries are not fully known, his story does provide readers with a very real reminder of how quickly car accidents can turn into life-changing events. Though he survived, Hart, like other car accident victims, may have lingering pain and other problems to deal with as he recuperates from his serious injuries. Harm to the back can be debilitating and can require long-term care to heal.