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Biggest mistakes you can make with a personal injury case

Senior citizens in Florida suffer injuries every day. In 2014, approximately 29 million falls occurred in the United States, resulting in 7 million injuries to the nation’s older citizens.

In many cases, another party will hold liability for the injury. You may want to pursue a personal injury claim, but you need to do so cautiously. Many mistakes can seriously jeopardize the claim.

Sign away rights

After sustaining an injury, you need to be extremely cautious of any documents another party presents you with. Some insurance companies will try to get the injured party to sign documents when the fine print states the person will give up essential rights. Before signing anything, you want your attorney to review the paperwork carefully.

Skip doctor’s appointments

You need to see a doctor immediately following a slip and fall or any other kind of injury. Your doctor will likely tell you to schedule follow-up appointments to track your progress. You need to show up to these appointments or else it will look as though you did not suffer as significantly as you stated. You also need to follow the doctor’s regimen, which may involve taking medication prescribed and attending physical therapy sessions.

Exaggerate in any way

You need to remain completely honest throughout the process. Some people who suffer genuine injuries exaggerate their conditions in an attempt to get more in compensation. If the other party discovers you lied in any capacity, it could jeopardize the entire case.

Dispose of evidence

You need to retain all evidence as it related to your case, including communications you have with your attorney and the other party. You also want to hang onto empty medication bottles and avoid deleting pictures on your phone. Every piece of evidence can be an asset, and you do not want it to look like you have something to hide.