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Can a traumatic brain injury affect your personality?

As a Florida resident who suffered from a brain injury, you also likely suffer from lasting and ongoing complications. The healing process for brain injuries is often long and complex, costing you time, energy and resources. 

You may also run into unexpected hurdles along the way. As an example, you may not have known that brain injuries impact more than your cognitive capabilities alone. They can even alter your personality. 

Common struggles with temper

Mayo Clinic takes a look at traumatic brain injury (TBI) symptoms in patients like you. These symptoms cover an array of issues and often depend on the location and severity of the damage. Injury to the frontal lobe often results in struggles with self-restraint, for example. The frontal lobe holds your impulse control and without it, you will make more rash decisions and struggle to control your temper. 

This often results in lashing out at your loved ones, who may find your changed behavior disturbing. They cannot understand why you are acting in a way unlike yourself. You may also struggle to understand this, and the increased confusion may lead to more instability and breakdowns. 

Difficulties with coping

As a TBI victim, you may also struggle with coping. For example, perhaps your work environment is very high-stress and you could deal with that before your accident. After, you are easily overwhelmed and sensitive to criticism. You may become confused without much prompting, which creates a build-up of frustration and again leads to anger and outbursts. 

You may someday recover your original temperament through the healing process. But this process is often lengthy and therapy can cost you quite a lot. This is why people in your situation often seek compensation to help them through.