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Car accidents can cause damage to internal organs

Humans are incredible organisms that are capable of performing many tasks and activities. When a Florida resident truly thinks about all of the processes that their body can and does perform it is truly mind boggling. However, when accidents and injuries cause damage to the body, major systems can begin to malfunction and shut down. Car accidents are a common cause of serious injuries in humans and can inflict painful and even life-threatening harm on those afflicted.

One often forgotten form of injury that victims can suffer from car accidents is organ damage. Humans have many different vital organs inside of their torsos and abdomens, and when they are in car accidents these organs can be seriously damaged. Impacts from pulls on seat belts, hitting the steering wheel of the car, or getting thrown from a vehicle can all result in organ injuries.

For example, a person who suffers trauma to their chest in a car accident may injure their spleen. The spleen sits behind the ribs on the left side of the body and when its surface is damaged it can cause extensive bleeding. The failure of a victim to have a ruptured spleen treated can be deadly and many who suffer this serious form of injury must be hospitalized.

After an accident a victim should seek medical help to ensure that they are not suffering from a life-threatening injury like a ruptured spleen. Individuals who do suffer serious injuries like this may be able to recover their damages through litigation based on their personal losses. This post is not offered to provide any legal or medical advice and should be read as information only.