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Compensation for victims of premises liability accidents

Slips and falls, trips, stumbles, and other accidents where victims topple over surfaces and structures can be physically painful and financially burdensome when medical treatment is necessary. These accidents are often included in the area of personal injury law called premises liability because they are often tied to property or land conditions. In Florida and jurisdictions throughout the country, victims of premises liability accidents often can sue for the recovery of their losses.

Property owners often have a duty to maintain their land, homes, and other property in a condition that is safe for others. This is particularly true when they allow others to enter into or onto that property, or when they know that others enter their property without their permission. The failure of a property owner to maintain their residential, commercial, or land-based property in a safe and secure manner may result in their liability for others injuries when they are harmed therein.

The Briggs Law Firm takes premises liability personal injuries very seriously and represents its clients with zealous advocacy and firm respect. The attorneys and staff of the firm work with individuals to identify the best legal strategies to achieve their needs and to protect their rights as they fight to recover from their accident-related harm.

Premises liability accidents and injuries can be very serious. They are more than clumsiness: they represent the failure of property owners to maintain and make safe the places they own for others. When these accidents happen, victims have a limited amount of time to initiate litigation against the responsible parties for the recovery of their losses and damages.