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Does your teen driver know these accident prevention tips?

You taught your teenager everything you know about being a safe driver, but it does not hurt to ensure that you covered all your bases. The right tip may save a life. 

To help, AMM Collision offers several crash-prevention tips aimed at teen drivers. See if there are any you did not know about and you can pass along to your son or daughter. 

Use headlights  

Driving with headlights on may seem obvious, but if your teen drives a car without daytime running lights, other drivers may have a hard time seeing your child during daylight hours. If the vehicle your child drives does not have automatic or daytime lights, encourage her or him to keep the headlights on day and night. 

Do not fear the horn 

Both you and your child may feel that only aggressive drivers honk the horn. Know that using the horn does not always equal anger. On the contrary, it is OK to tap the horn a few times if a car drifts into your child’s driving lane, or if drivers backing out of a parking spot does not notice your child behind them. 

Ease out into intersections  

When the light turns green at an intersection, encourage your child to wait a couple of seconds and look left and right before continuing. Other drivers commonly blow through red lights, and a quick look before proceeding into an intersection could help avoid an accident. Easing through an intersection also allows straggling pedestrians and drivers to cross safely. 

Hopefully, your teen never has to experience a car accident. Ensure these tips become second nature for you both.