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Establishing fault in a distraction-caused car crash

A distracted driver could be doing something as simple as checking the time. However, eating a meal, having a conversation, reaching for something, texting a friend and programming a GPS are also ways that people drive distracted in Florida.

Unfortunately, multitasking behind the wheel can have detrimental consequences when drivers have inadequate time to respond to hazards. When a distraction-caused accident happens, victims and those advocating for them can use several strategies to establish fault against the offending party.

Rely on witness statements

Witness statements can provide substantial support when a car accident happens. Used in conjunction with investigation reports and statements from responding authorities, victims can identify similarities and draw conclusions about what happened.

According to FindLaw, in cases that end up in court, authorities may subpoena witnesses to express a statement. Witness statements should clearly describe an individual’s view of how the car accident happened but should be free of bias against either driver.

Reconstruct the accident

A reconstruction of the accident scene can help victims demonstrate the events of their accident. According to Insure.com, victims may draw out the scene of the accident and provide a tangible example of where each vehicle was. Using a satellite-generated image, victims can accurately describe their movement when the accident occurred.

Depending on the location of the accident, victims may be able to access video footage of the crash. This footage could come from traffic cameras, devices at surrounding businesses or a dashcam. In cases where a driver refuses to accept responsibility for his or her actions, video footage can provide undisputed evidence of what really happened.