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Florida second in nation for fatal work zone car wrecks

When you encounter road construction when driving in Florida, you may consider it a nuisance. However, statistics show that Florida’s work zones often lead to more than just traffic delays. Florida’s work zones are some of the most dangerous in the entire nation, and many wrecks that occur within them lead to one or more injuries or fatalities.

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida ranks second nationally as far as the number of people who die in its work zones. Another 44% of the state’s work zone car wrecks lead to serious injuries. Why is road construction so dangerous, and is there anything you might do to help protect yourself and others in your vehicle when navigating a work zone?

Crash hazards

The dangers you face when traveling through a Florida work zone are twofold. First, you must contend with confusion caused by ongoing construction, which might include anything from unclear detours or signage to loose gravel or other hazards in the roadway.

Then, you face risks that come from other drivers. Research shows that speeding and driving distracted are the most common violations motorists receive in Florida work zones. While speeding and driving while distracted create risks anywhere on the road, these negligent behaviors are even more dangerous in construction zones.

Navigation tips

When you come across a work zone when traveling through Florida, always slow your speed and take extra care to look for any signs that may dictate detours or hazards. Also, tap your brakes a few times before slowing to a complete stop in these areas to lower the chances of a rear-end collision.

When possible, try to find an alternate route around a work zone.