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How can motorcycle riders improve safety at red lights?

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating but sometimes dangerous experience. The main problem for bike riders is that many drivers are not on the lookout for vehicles as small as motorcycles. And if a driver is so distracted that he or she speeds through a red light, the consequences for a motorcyclist passing through the intersection can be serious or even deadly. 

If you stop at a red light on your bike, you should ready yourself for the possibility that a driver may approach the intersection in a distracted state, perhaps talking on the phone or texting. Ride Apart explains what you can do when stopping before a red light to help increase your safety. 

Be careful before proceeding through

If you have the right of way to go through an intersection, exercise caution and do not immediately proceed through. Be alert for oncoming traffic from other lanes that have stop signs or red lights. Even if you have a green light, a distracted driver could still blow through the intersection and hit you. Be certain that nearby traffic is no danger to you before riding into an intersection. 

Look at your mirrors while stopping

Be aware of traffic directly behind you as you slow before a red light. A distracted driver behind you might not be aware of you stopping or the driver might not be ready to stop even if you are. Do not expect that a car or truck to your rear will stop just because you see the red light before you. Check your mirrors while braking to make sure you understand your situation. 

Refrain from flashing your lights

It is natural to try different ways to make yourself visible to other motorists, but flashing your lights to alert oncoming drivers might backfire. Flashing lights is a common method drivers use to wave another driver through. Another driver might think you are giving an okay to drive across your path, which can result in a collision due to a misunderstanding.