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How can you tell if you chose the correct motorcycle helmet?

While choosing your perfect motorcycle helmet, you may have first looked for one in a color you like or a design you prefer. 

However, the fit and safety of a helmet is the most important aspect you should consider. Since every person’s needs and head size are different, there are many details to consider while shopping. 

Feels comfortable to use

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, if you pick a helmet that is too small for your head, you will notice an odd feeling around your forehead after a while. Trying on a new helmet for about 45 minutes is a good test to see if you notice this sign.  

Feeling pressure points around your forehead signals that the helmet shape should be less oval. Knowing the difference between long oval and round oval head shapes can help you pick the most comfortable helmet. 

Comes with a safety sticker

Unlike novelty helmets, ones compliant with the Department of Transportation have a label on the back. This label states that through a self-certified process, these items meets federal safety standards and should be safe to use on the road. 

Novelty helmets do not provide adequate protection for your skull or head in the event of a crash. If you notice a thin inner layer without any foam, as well as a lighter-than-average weight, then it likely is not safe for motorcyclists to use.   

Adjustable to your liking

While it is fine to move or replace the chin straps and cheek pads, any other alterations to a helmet could void the warranty. Picking one with straps that fit the crown of your head and your cheeks is key. Knowing what to look for in a helmet can help you stay safe while riding.