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How dangerous is eating while driving?

If you asked the average American to describe a “distracted driver,” it is highly likely that he or she would talk about a young teenager trying to post to a social media platform while operating a moving motor vehicle. While there is no doub that the driver in the aforementioned scenario is a distracted driver, there are other forms of distracted driving that are much milder in nature.

Eating while driving is extremely common on American roads, and it is also extremely dangerous. According to Decide to Drive, persons who are consuming food or beverages while operating a moving motor vehicle are over two times more likely to involve themselves in a crash or near-miss.

What foods are the most dangerous to consume?

The reality is that consuming literally anything while driving is a distraction. However, it is also true that some foods and beverages appear at the site of crashes more often than others. Common foods and beverages involved in automobile accidents include coffee, soda, barbecued foods, powdered- and jelly-filled donuts and tacos.

How can I avoid eating while driving?

Many people eat in their cars due to a lack of time. Often, setting your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier can be the difference between enjoying breakfast at home and trying to eat behind the wheel while managing rush hour traffic.

If you are taking a longer road trip, consider packing a picnic lunch. This way, you can pull off to a rest stop and enjoy a break while eating. Additionally, it is likely that the food you pack for your picnic will be less expensive and more healthful than what you get from a drive-thru.