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Is something safe even if ‘used as directed’?

Drug makers make a point of trying to limit the number of people who get hurt by their products. Sometimes they do this because they actually care. Sometimes they do it because federal regulations require them to.

That’s why the directions on nearly all medications, especially those offered over the counter, carry warnings. It’s not uncommon to see such lines as, “Do not take more than the recommended dose without checking with your doctor.”

Pharmaceuticals aren’t the only things that can cause trouble for us. Our days in Florida are filled with encounters with all sorts of products. And while it shouldn’t happen, any of them could fail without warning. The level of harm that could result is impossible to gauge.

Take this scenario as an example. You and your neighbor have the very same stepladder. You’re both working on something in your respective homes using the ladders as directed and both ladders collapse. The same rivet that should have held the spreader in place gave way and the two halves just did the splits. You broke your leg. Your neighbor, though, suffered a catastrophic injury that left him permanently disabled.

You were lucky. Your neighbor was less so. You may both have cause to seek compensation for what you have suffered. And it would seem only logical to argue that the manufacturer should be held liable.

But it takes more than that to pave the way to the desired outcome. It requires the proper collection of relevant evidence and the assembly of that material into a solid case under the provisions of Florida law. You want a skilled lawyer with a high level of experience in building an effective case.

Regardless of the product involved, whether it is something as common as a smoke alarm or an advanced medical device, we at the Briggs Law Firm are ready to explore the details of your case to see what we can do to help obtain rightful compensation for damages suffered.