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Is your teen at risk on prom night?

Many adults look back fondly on the teenage rite of passage that is prom. Yet, this season can be the deadliest time of the year for today’s teens.

Approximately a third of all deaths attributed to teenage alcohol usage occur in the three-month period from April to June. This is due to both prom and graduation being held during those months.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that nearly 1,000 young adults who are not of legal age to consume alcohol die annually celebrating graduation and attending the prom. These accidents are completely preventable by avoiding alcohol usage and riding with those who imbibe.

But underage drinking at prom and graduation time remains a real threat to teen safety. One survey taken by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility showed that over half of respondents aged 13 to 20 self-reported they drink alcohol.

Perhaps what is even more distressing is that the source of the alcohol for over half of those responding was parents — either their own or their friends’.

Parents also appear to have blinders on regarding their perception of addressing the dangers of underage drinking with their kids. Another survey showed that almost 75 percent of parent believed they had spoken to their teens about the hazards of underage drinking in recent weeks. Yet when those teens were surveyed, 24 percent stated they had never been counseled by their parents to avoid drinking alcohol.

If your teen winds up with injuries from an accident or other incident associated with underage drinking, seeking financial compensation through the civil courts may be possible.

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