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Ivanka Trump scarves recalled as fire hazards

In a bit of irony for the daughter of the man campaigning for the presidency under the platform of “Make America Great Again,” Ivanka Trump’s Chinese-made scarves are being recalled because they are a burn risk.

A recall notice was issued by the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission for approximately 20,000 of the scarves, as they did not meet minimum fire safety standards that are mandated for textiles. The notice reads, in part:

“Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled scarves and return them to the place where purchased for a full refund. . . online [purchasers] will be contacted directly . . . with return instructions.”

Retailers that sell the scarves include Amazon, TJ Maxx, Lord & Taylor and Marshalls. Two styles were specified, Brushstroke Oblong in green, blue and red, and Beach Wave in yellow and blue. Both are made of 100 percent rayon and have black labels embroidered with “IVANKA TRUMP” in silver stitching. The scarves are priced from $12 to $68.

An Ivanka Trump brand representative spoke to the Associated Press, stating that the necessity of a recall is disappointing, but there was relief that it is being handled promptly by regulators.

All products that are manufactured and sold to consumers here in the United States must meet certain pre-set safety standards. Those that fall short of those standards are subject to being recalled. If you were injured by a product that was defective in design or manufacturing, you may have a legitimate cause of action for filing a product liability lawsuit against either the manufacturer or the retailer.

Source: USA Today, “Ivanka Trump-branded scarves under fire for recall,” Steph Solis, April 07, 2016