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Man flees scene of accident, leaves dog behind

Animal lovers everywhere will cringe at the following story. Fleeing the scene of an accident is bad enough, but leaving behind a helpless pup is especially reprehensible.

However, that is just what happened on a recent weekday afternoon in Clearwater. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a man in a 1999 silver Honda Accord struck a Dodge Caravan from behind at approximately 1:30 p.m. Immediately following the collision, authorities report that the Accord driver got out to check on the Caravan driver and passengers, but quickly climbed back into his vehicle and sped off.

However, he left a small dog behind at the accident scene in Pinellas County on Interstate 275 North.

The Florida state trooper who initially responded to the collision wound up taking the abandoned dog home. The FHP continues to search for the Accord driver. The car itself was found at the 223 mile marker of I-75 in Manatee County.

The driver is reported to be a Caucasian male with curly hair. The registration for the Accord lists a residence in Ocala.

Often when a hit and run occurs, the victim is unable to recover compensation because the at-fault driver can’t be located. However, if the vehicle’s owner is known, even if that person was not the one behind the wheel at the time, the insurance company can be held liable for any injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians, as well as for property damages.

Because cases where the liability is contested or unclear can be complex and difficult to sort out, it is often helpful to seek legal guidance.

Source: WNCN, “Driver flees scene of crash, leaves dog behind, Florida authorities say,” Oct. 20, 2015