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Nursing home abuse in Florida

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are designed to provide excellent care and assistance. Unfortunately, many nursing homes fail to meet these duties. In fact, the state of Florida recently prohibited an assisted living facility from admitting any new residents due to safety violations and abuse concerns. Learn about the standards that nursing homes are held to and how to recognize signs of abuse.

Resident rights

According to Florida law, nursing home residents have a certain set of rights to which they are entitled. Many cases of nursing home abuse are due to direct violations of these rights by staff members. Florida nursing home residents are entitled to the following rights:

  • Receive services necessary for maintained health.
  • Be treated with respect, dignity and fairness.
  • Participate in planning health care.
  • Be presented with information regarding medical services.
  • Maintain private and unmonitored communication via personal mail or phone calls.
  • Participate in social, community or religious activities.
  • Make recommendations or voice complaints without fearing consequences.

It is crucial for residents and family members to be aware of these laws to ensure abuse is not taking place.

Nursing home standards

Facilities must provide residents with bedding, clean clothes and living quarters. The environment should be clean, safe and comfortable for all residents. There should be consistent access to hot water, drinking water, comfortable temperatures and adequate lighting. If these standards are not met, neglect or abuse may be taking place.

Nursing home guide

If you are looking for a new nursing home or are finding one for the first time, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration developed a Florida Nursing Home Guide. This is a convenient way for patients and families to evaluate and compare nursing homes. Along with providing detailed information about each facility, the guide reports deficiencies and violations of each facility.

Taking action

Nursing home abuse requires appropriate action to be taken. A family member or the abuse victim must report the incident within two years, according to Florida Statute 492.296. The statute may be extended to a total of six years in cases of fraudulent concealment or intentional misrepresentation.

Due to the limited amount of time needed to report abuse, any family member or resident who suspects abuse should take action as soon as possible. Seeking advice from a personal injury attorney is crucial for anyone who wants to file a nursing home abuse claim. Victims of nursing home abuse do not deserve to suffer and should be properly compensated.