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One dead, others injured in DUI-related accident in Tampa

When it comes to the responsibility that drivers in Florida have for their passengers, much debate may exist over exactly how far liability should go. While many might agree that a driver assumes responsibility for any minors they transport in their vehicles, the duty of care they owe to adult passengers may be murky.

One might argue that an adult wearing a seat belt is an expectation they assume responsibility to meet. While that may be true, adult passengers may have little control over the direct actions of a driver. What happens, then, when a driver deliberately acts recklessly while behind the wheel?

Alleged repeat offender causes fatal accident in Tampa

The outcome of such incidents is often fatal. This fact was on full display in a recent accident that occurred in Tampa. According to ClickOrlando.com, authorities clocked a woman driving over 10 miles per hour on a local highway. They pursued, and the woman eventually overturned the vehicle. She was the only occupant wearing a seat belt at the time, and suffered only minor injuries. Sadly, the same was not true for her passengers, one of whom subsequently died from the injuries they sustained.

Accountability for consistent reckless behavior

Per reports, the driver in this case now faces multiple criminal charges (including driving under the influence). This marks her second offense related to causing a fatal accident. In the face of such apparent reckless actions in cases such as this, accident victims may reasonably look to hold such behavior accountable. That accountability may come in the form of legal action seeking compensation for medical expenses and/or property damage repair costs.