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Our attorneys can evaluate claims of medical negligence

No medical outcomes can ever be guaranteed. It is a fact of life that people cannot always be saved by medical interventions, even by the most skilled surgeons and diagnosticians.

When a person is treated by a physician or other health care professional, the one rendering treatment must provide the highest level of care possible. Yet even when that occurs, problems can develop that were unanticipated. A patient undergoing routine surgery can have a bad reaction to the anesthetic and lapse into a coma from which he or she never awakens. An elderly patient may succumb to the complications of an opportunistic infection like C. diff that is pervasive in extended care facilities.

Does that mean that the patient or their survivors have a legitimate claim of malpractice against the doctor or medical facility? It may, but that is never a given.

The path to successful resolution of a medical malpractice case for a plaintiff can be strewn with a plethora of objections and motions to dismiss from the defendants. Expert testimony is expensive for both sides, and cases can lag due to scheduling conflicts.

That is why we at The Briggs Law Firm pick and choose the medical malpractice cases that we litigate very carefully. We thoroughly interview our clients and investigate the validity of their claims before committing to tackle their cases.

Because we exercise great prudence in choosing cases we believe have a strong chance of winding up with a substantial settlement or judgment, we have the time and energy to fully devote our resources to our clients’ cases. If you have a genuine case of medical negligence, contact us for a confidential consultation.