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Outfitting the senior biker for a safe, comfortable ride

Many senior citizens grew up riding “hogs”, as those big, powerful Harleys are called. Many more acquired motorcycles later in life when they could finally afford to own them. If you are one of these proud senior bikers, you probably enjoy wearing black when you take to the road, and your motorcycle may be black as well.

The problem is that this color selection makes it hard for motorists to see you, so perhaps it is time to consider ways to become more visible.

Wear bright colors

Add high-visibility yellow or orange to your motorcycle wardrobe. A brightly colored helmet, vest or jacket will get a motorist’s attention, if only for a second, but seconds are important in terms of potential accidents.

Add reflective tape

If you insist on wearing black, especially after dark, add a piece of reflective tape to your helmet, your sleeves and the back of your jacket. You can also dress your motorcycle up by putting reflective tape on your front forks, panniers and any other part of your bike that is away from a light source. This simple addition will help you and your bike appear as a much larger object.

Shine a bright light

Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, produce considerable light but use less electric power than bulbs, and you can put many LEDs in the same space that a standard bulb would occupy. Think about buying LED turn signals for your motorcycle. When not activated, they produce a bright running light. When you turn them on, you will see a much brighter, blinking signal light. Look for side marker LEDs as well, to boost your nighttime visibility.

See and be seen

Unfortunately, if you are an older motorcycle rider, you will likely suffer more serious injuries than a younger person would because you are simply more fragile, your vision and reflexes not as keen. Going for a little different look in place of classic black may mean the difference between a safe ride and a catastrophe — the last thing you want is for someone to sideswipe you or cause some other kind of accident because they simply did not see you. However, if the unexpected should happen, remember that an experienced personal injury attorney is standing by to help. Like most senior bikers, you are probably resilient and impatient to get back on the road again.