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Overcoming emotional trauma after your car accident

The terrifying seconds before a vehicle collision can replay in your head over and over for quite some time. The emotional trauma following your car accident in Florida may leave you feeling anxious and scared to start driving again. 

Acknowledging your emotions is just the beginning of managing your suffering. With an understanding of how to deal with triggers and process the way you feel, you can gradually regain confidence and once again enjoy driving. 

The role of self-care

If shock was your initial reaction to your accident, emotional trauma may develop after the fact. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, signs of emotional trauma include avoidance, fear, insomnia, depression and distraction. 

Self-care plays a critical role in helping you overcome the side effects of severe emotions. Make sure you establish a consistent routine, eat nourishing food, stay active and get enough rest. Participating in social events with the support of people you trust can also provide healing and reassurance. These actions can provide your body and mind with fuel and motivation to overcome the lingering effects of your accident. You may consider enlisting the help of a professional therapist to help you identify effective ways to process your situation without inflicting further harm to your well-being. 

Moving forward with confidence

Quite some time may pass before you feel comfortable driving again. This is normal. When you do feel ready to get behind the wheel again, you should take it slowly and practice in an area with minimal traffic. You can ask someone close to you to accompany you the first few times you drive again. This may provide you with comfort and encouragement.