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Road rage and serious car accidents: What you should know

As a Florida motorist, you know firsthand how tedious it can be to navigate busy roadways. In some instances, you may feel anxiety, frustration and anger towards other drivers as you rush to a meeting or hurry home from work.

Road rage is a serious issue affecting roadways throughout the U.S. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 56% of car accident fatalities involved at least one form of aggressive driving. Aggressive driving behaviors can lead to serious and deadly automobile accidents.

How to spot the signs of road rage

It is important to be able to identify the signs of aggressive driving so you can minimize your risk of being involved in a car accident and potentially save others as well. The Insurance Information Institute lists the following indications of road rage:

  • Speeding or racing other vehicles
  • Cutting off or blocking other vehicles from changing lanes
  • Tailgating or following too closely behind another vehicle
  • Failing to follow traffic signals, traffic signs or yield to other motorists right of way
  • Changing lanes erratically
  • Honking the horn excessively or yelling out obscenities

Angry drivers may pass on the shoulder of the road or even get out of their vehicles with the intent to harm other motorists.

What you should do

When someone is displaying aggressive driving behaviors, your first reaction may be to engage and fight back. However, officers urge you to avoid making eye contact and alert law enforcement so they can handle the issue safely.

If your temper is flaring while behind the wheel, try calming down by turning on the radio or taking deep breaths. Keep in mind that getting to your destination safely is the number one goal. You do not want to cause an accident that could injure yourself or others.