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Should school sports teams have athletic trainers on staff?

An athletic trainer is a health professional who can assist athletes and assess them for fitness. These professionals may be more likely to notice issues and could be beneficial on school sports teams.

According to the Citrus County Chronicle, there is a debate in Florida about whether high schools need to start employing athletic trainers to keep student-athletes safer.

Avoid injuries

One of the arguments for bringing in trainers is that they can help to avoid injuries. These professionals have athletic training that allows them to understand the body and proper training measures. They can ensure proper form and check athletes for limitations that could lead to injuries. They also can look over an athlete who has pain or had a rough time during a game or match to assess if the student needs further medical attention.

Address medical issues

Trainers have a health background, so they understand how to spot issues with an athlete that an untrained person may not notice. They can serve as a first contact if an athlete suffers an injury and ensure nobody aggravates the situation by following proper medical protocol.

Coaches only have basic first aid training, so having someone with more advanced knowledge is a huge benefit. It serves as a safety net for students and could even save a life.

Student Health and safety should be the first priority, but many opposed to adding athletic trainers to school sports worry more about costs. However, the loss of a student-athlete due to a health issue or an injury, can put things in perspective. Unfortunately, that is often what it takes to win this type of argument.