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Three die in early morning crash on freeway

People in Florida know that drivers are supposed to take the responsibility of operating a vehicle seriously and always put safety first. Sadly, this does not always happen, and the lack of this awareness contributes to many accidents. Many factors may be present in some crashes. One driver may be tired and distracted at the same time. Another driver might be speeding and under the influence of alcohol. Regardless of the circumstances, when an innocent person is injured or killed due to someone else’s negligence, they and their family members deserve justice.

An example of an unusual accident in which more questions than answers may be available currently can be seen in a recent crash in southern Florida. The incident took place essentially in the middle of the night, around 3:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning along a stretch of Interstate 95 in Dania Beach. Despite this being a time of day when traffic tends to be relatively light, one vehicle ended up being involved in two different crashes.

According to a report by the Miami Herald, a sport utility vehicle carrying three people including the driver was involved in a wreck that left it positioned sideways in the left and center lanes of the freeway. It is unclear if any other vehicle was involved in this crash. Two of the people got out of the SUV while the third person remained inside.

While positioned in the freeway lanes, the SUV was struck by a car carrying two people. Those two people and the person inside the SUV all died in the fire that resulted from the impact.