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What are signs of inattentional blindness?

Florida residents know that the roads are not always free of danger. In fact, distractions cause a large number of crashes. On top of that, the number of distractions drivers face are vast and varied.

Today, we will look at a specific type of driver distraction. It is inattentional blindness. This issue can blind a person to dangers right under their nose. It can cause dangerous crashes.

How does hyper-focus make you miss things?

The American Psychological Association discusses what inattentional blindness can manifest as. But first, what is inattentional blindness? By definition, it is a phenomenon in which obvious things are invisible. This is due to hyper-focus on something else.

Running red lights is a common example when it comes to driving. Drivers often focus on many things at once. A driver may pay attention to the oncoming traffic. They may have to focus on the back of their car to ensure they do not get hit. Perhaps they are looking at their speedometer to ensure they do not go over the limit. While paying attention to these other things, they do not notice a deer crossing the road ahead of them.

The distraction inattentional blindness creates

It may seem impossible to “miss” something as big as a deer. But inattentional blindness is a well documented phenomenon. This is a form of distraction, which is ironic since it involves intense focus.

Distracted driving often results in an increased chance of getting into crashes. Not only that, but these crashes also often involve severe injury. Drivers already know that not paying attention at all can lead to crashes. It is important for drivers to understand that focusing too much may cause damage as well.