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What Malpractice Issues Disproportionately Impact Seniors?

A great irony you may encounter in the Sunshine State is that, while multitudes of Americans come here to retire, there are many medical malpractice issues that are prevalent among senior Floridians.

Conventionally, you may assume that seniors who die while under a doctor’s care are the victims of chronic illness or age-related decline. In fact, one out of three hospital deaths in the U.S. is the result of health care mistakes.

What are some of the dangers seniors face with medical care?

Because wellness for senior adults can be something of a balancing act, medical providers must take enhanced precautions to account for all these issues:

  • Multiple health conditions and potential drug interactions. Many seniors require several powerful medications. Providers must watch first for drug interactions.
  • Diminished provider expectations. Often physicians grow complacent about care for older adults, becoming cavalier about their needs and quality of life.
  • Clear communication. Between hearing loss and unfamiliarity with hospital jargon, seniors often do not understand what they hear.
  • Lessened restitution. Another factor contributing to the casual attitude of providers is the recognition that seniors often do not provide for others and therefore will receive lower compensation for malpractice.

What precautions can help prevent medical malpractice against seniors?

One of the most important considerations, when you select medical providers, is to insist that the physician treating you as a senior has expertise in dealing with older adults and their issues.

It is ironic that seniors, their families and their caregivers must pay especially close attention to medical personal simply because those providers often do an inadequate job of paying attention to older adults.