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What should I know about scars?

The impact of an auto accident can leave you with scars on your body. A scar may damage your appearance if you cannot cover the scar with clothing and may also negatively impact your ability to work. For these reasons, a scar may cause you psychological harm as well. 

You could end up with a scar for a variety of reasons. A car wreck, a fire, a defective product or a fall could scar your body. WebMD provides some further information to help you learn more about scars and what people can do about them. 

There are many types of scars

Scars can take different forms. An acne scar forms if you have severe acne. If you suffer an injury, a keloid scar may form because of your body healing more aggressively than it needs to. Hypertrophic scars are similar to the keloid variety but do not grow beyond the boundaries of an injury. If you get burned, you may end up with a contracture scar. 

Scars can impair your movement

Some scars can make it harder for you to move. This could happen if you suffer scars from burns. The contracture scar that you may develop due to a burn can tighten your skin and impede your ability to work your arm or a leg. In such a case, you may need surgery to correct the problem. 

Different treatments exist for scars

Just as different types of scars exist, there are also various ways to treat them. You might be okay with an over the counter treatment for a minor scar, but if you have a scar from plastic surgery, you may need to consult with your doctor about your treatment. For a deeper scar, you might need surgery. Surgical options may include laser surgery, excision or skin grafts. 

Your insurer may pay for scar treatment

If you suffer scarring, your insurance coverage may pay to treat it. If your scars impede your ability to move or otherwise impair you physically, your health insurance company might cover your treatment. However, if you only want to get rid of a scar for cosmetic reasons, an insurer might not provide you with coverage.