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What should you say to your insurance agent after a car accident?

Your recent car accident became an inconvenience, but thankfully, you have insurance. Do you know how to speak to your agent in a way that does not jeopardize your claim?

USA Today explores tips for communicating with agents after accidents. Learn how to protect your claim and peace of mind.

Visit a doctor

Even if you feel fine after an accident, you may have injuries that do not appear until days or weeks later, or you could have injuries with symptoms you may miss. Either way, a doctor’s insight and notes can help you create your claim and receive fair compensation.

Do not place blame

Hopefully, you did not tell the other driver that the accident was your fault. No matter how obvious it may seem that a person bears fault for an accident, there could be unknown factors that affect your claim or the outcome of any legal case you have. While you may bear a percentage of fault for the collision, the other driver could also bear responsibility, which may leave compensation on the table. You do not want your insurance rates to increase or receive a claim denial because you took responsibility for something that was not your fault or not wholly your fault.

Do not guess

Expect your insurance agent to ask you questions. If asked something you do not know, respond, “I do not know,” or, “I am not sure.” It is OK if you cannot recall every detail about the accident, and you should not give answers you are not 100% sure about. Give estimates when you can and leave the rest for a police report or your agent to figure out.