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What weather condition causes the most accidents?

Whether an individual is a resident of Florida or is just visiting, one is fairly familiar with the weather in Florida. This often means warm temperatures but could mean frequent afternoon rains or hurricane season. Although many northerners travel to Florida for the winter months do evade the frigid temperatures and snow covered roads, the reality is that even a warm state like Florida can still experience inclement weather.

What weather condition causes the most accidents? Based on current statistics by the U.S. Department of Transportation, rain and wet roadways is the type of weather road condition that causes the most car accidents each year when compared to other inclement weather conditions. It was found that 1,235,000 crashes occur each year due to weather, resulting in around 5,000 deaths and over 418,000 injuries.

Based on the above data, it was discovered that 70% of these accidents occurred when there was wet pavement. It was also found the 46% of these accidents occurred during rainfall. In comparison, winter weather conditions saw a much lower rate. This amounted to 18% of crashes occurring during snow or sleet and 13% when there was icy pavement.

Weather can increase the risk of accidents; meaning drivers are expected to alter their driving for inclement conditions. This could mean reducing speeds, leaving more room between vehicles, turning on headlights or other safety measures. Failing to do these could be deemed negligent. Driving unsafe for road conditions could lead to a crash, causing harm to victims.

The aftermath of an automobile accident can be severe a gruesome. Thus, it is important that victims and their loved ones understand what legal recourses they might have. If a negligent driver is the cause of a crash, it may be possible to hold them liable for the crash through a personal injury claim. This civil action could help an injured victim recover compensation to address losses such as medical bills, lost wages and other related damages.