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When is the right time to call an attorney?

Most people don’t have an attorney on retainer. There are probably a lot of reasons why. Perhaps many believe that only rich people can afford to do it. A more likely reason is that it never comes to mind. In the course of life, the only time a person might imagine that they would need an attorney is if they get caught up in the criminal justice system.

Few appreciate just how many aspects of day-to-day life involve some legal facet. Whenever there is doubt consulting with a lawyer makes sense. The first visit is often free. It should leave you confident that you understand your rights. And if legal action is required, you can learn your options.

The area of personal injury law is one that tends to deal with basic life issues. Few things are as bad has having one’s well being derailed because of an accident that should not have happened. Whether the cause of injury was negligence by a doctor, a faulty product, recklessness of another driver or a landlord’s failure to maintain property, victims in Florida have a right to seek compensation from the responsible party so that they can get their life back on track.

Of course, there might be a time when you find yourself on the receiving end of apparent legal action. Getting an attorney’s help in that situation would be wise, too.

Consider this possible homeowner scenario as an example. You receive a letter, ostensibly from an attorney on behalf of a person who claims your sidewalk caused her serious injury. You don’t recall any such accident. What should you do?

Most would likely agree that the wise first step would be to contact your insurance company. But as a backup, or in the event the insurer fails to resolve things, reaching out to an experienced attorney would be a good idea, too.