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3 common medication errors in nursing homes

When it becomes apparent that assisted living is the best option for your parent or other loved one, you want to find a facility that is trustworthy, reputable and focused on providing exemplary care. The health and well-being of your loved one will be in the hands of the staff, so it is important to consider all options carefully and make a decision that will meet your needs and your parent’s needs, too.

According to Sunshine State News, there is a proposed law which will increase surveillance among nursing homes in Florida. This law is not without reason—unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect are widespread problems, and this often includes medication errors such as the following. 

Wrong dosage

Dosage is important when it comes to correctly administering medications. If a patient receives too few or too many pills, the results can be disastrous. Unfortunately, however, this is exactly what often happens in nursing homes that do not have adequate staff and supervision. You should monitor your loved one’s medications to ensure that staff is administering correct dosages—keep track of how many pills remain at any given time.

Incorrect medicine

What is even worse than an incorrect dosage is when staff gives the wrong medication entirely. This, too, is a common error that many nursing home residents fall victim to. Your loved one’s medication might be confused with that of another patient’s, but mix-ups such as these are rarely harmless. The consequences can be fatal at worst and generally harmful at best.

Missed medication

Sometimes, staff does not give patients any medication at all, and much like the aforementioned errors, the consequences of this can be disastrous. Many elderly patients rely on their medication in order to remain healthy, and some even require medications to live. When staff neglects these needs, patients become victims. It is imperative that you ensure your loved one receives proper treatment and medication.