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Were You Prescribed The Appropriate Drug?

The reason drug commercials include horrifying descriptions of complications from taking their medicine is because the medicine they are selling can be extremely dangerous. Drug makers may broadcast these commercials with their warnings, and the federal Food & Drug Administration may give the manufacturer approval to sell the medicine, but that does not free the manufacturer from responsibility for the drug’s side effects.

Pharmaceutical companies are obliged to take every measure possible to prevent their commercial products from causing harm. Failing to do so constitutes negligence, allowing those who are injured by a drug to file lawsuits to obtain justice.

Defective Drugs, Drug Recalls And Product Liability

At The Briggs Law Firm of Ocala, Florida, we represent individuals and surviving family members who have suffered losses due to defective drugs or defective medical products.

Many drugs are the target of current lawsuits. This is just a short list:







Ortho Evra patch






A given prescription can go wrong because it was the wrong drug for you. Prescribing doctors and pharmacists should know about your drug allergies. Dosages should be appropriate. Drugs should not be prescribed for purposes other than those indicated.

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