50+ years representing
only the injured

Our Insurance Defense Background

Randy Briggs spent more than eight years representing insurance companies and insurance interests.

Why is that important?

Insurance companies that commonly resist and defend claims employ defense claims specialists, professionals in denying payments and damages that may be deserving for the victim of an accident. Simply stated, they know a great deal about what they are doing. They do it all day, every day.

A lawyer with extensive experience working within the insurance defense industry gains a unique knowledge of insurance policies, practices, strategies and decisions. A familiarity not entirely known to the typical personal injury lawyer.

Does that help in representing a client who has been injured?

We think so. It is like learning the “playbook” of the other team by having been a coach for the other team.

For eight years Randy defended cases on behalf of major insurance companies such as Allstate, The Hartford, St. Paul, USFG and Auto-Owners, in counties throughout North and Central Florida, including Marion, Alachua, Levy, Citrus, Sumter, Orange, Lake, Volusia, Bradford, Duval and Leon.

Since 1983 and through the entire history of The Briggs Law Firm, its lawyers have only represented accident victims in claims against negligent parties and their insurance companies.

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