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When Animals Attack…And Cause Serious Injury

Dog bites are serious for two reasons. First, even small dogs are capable of doing major damage. They tear flesh, they cause lifelong scarring, they cause major bleeding and bites can lead to infection. Second, the victims of dog bites are most often small children, who may be disfigured, lose ears and fingers, or even die.

Because dog bites are serious, Florida has serious laws governing them. Florida is a “statutory strict liability state.” This means that a dog owner whose dog bites someone is liable for the damage. Dog bite victims can recover damages under the doctrines of negligence, negligence per se, scienter and intentional tort. You don’t need to understand these terms, but you do need a personal injury attorney who understands them.

Representing Victims Of Dog And Animal Attacks

At The Briggs Law Firm, we have stood by families in which a child has been bitten or mauled by a neighbor’s dog. When the owner of a dog is without means, we know how to obtain compensation through other means such as the owner’s landlord’s property insurance.

Our attorneys like dogs as much as anyone. But it’s not right that people are negligent in controlling their pets. If you or your child has been bitten, choose a law firm that has made this kind of negligence a focus of their practice. Talk to Randy or Bo Briggs at The Briggs Law Firm in Ocala at 352-671-4600 or email us today.

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