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Did You Suffer Scarring Or Disfigurement?

Our faces communicate better than anything else who we are. They are how we express ourselves. When an accident alters our face in a negative way, it takes away an important element of our humanity. A damaged face can be frightening to people and keep us from working in certain positions.

In personal injury, cases seeking compensation for scarring or disfigurement have enormous importance for the victim. No one dies from this kind of injury, but the loss is terrible nonetheless.

Scarring can occur in many ways. Car crashes, falls, product malfunction, fires, explosions and physical assaults can cause this damage. At The Briggs Law Firm, we file personal injury claims for people who have suffered scarring, burns or disfigurement that are the result of negligence by another.

Beyond The Ordinary Compensations

Our attorneys seek the usual compensations: medical costs, including plastic surgery and rehabilitation and lost income due to career changes. But we go further, focusing on the psychological damage done to the victim and seeking punitive damages where the level of negligence leading to the accident is egregious, such as driving drunk or indifference to the safety of others. When a faulty product is the cause of the injury, we go after the maker of that product.

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