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Representing Pedestrians Who Have Been Injured By Negligent Drivers

The truth is, many drivers are just not looking for pedestrians. They are more concerned with other vehicles on the road than they are with people trying to cross the street or get into their cars. A human being versus a 2-ton automobile is no contest — especially when the human is a senior, a handicapped person or a young child.

At The Briggs Law Firm in Ocala, Florida, we handle personal injury claims for pedestrians who have been seriously injured by negligent drivers.

Pedestrians experience every kind of serious injury: broken bones, compression fractures, amputated limbs, severe damage to the brain or spine and damage to internal organs. The impact often leads to significant psychological and disfigurement issues. Our firm seeks compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

In some cases, pedestrian accidents are fatal. The individual may die at the scene or linger for weeks or months. Our firm then seeks to compensate family members for all that they have lost: a breadwinner, a caregiver, a child.

Some pedestrian injuries are especially toxic, involving alcohol, drugs or driving that shows contempt for the safety of others. In such cases, we go beyond the usual compensations to seek punitive damages against the driver.

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