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Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool accidents, whether they happen at a neighbor’s pool or at a community pool, are shocking. People are splashing and having fun, and suddenly someone is in serious trouble. Someone has slipped and fallen, someone has been struck by a falling object, a child has been trapped underwater, people bump heads violently, a dive has ended in injury or, worst of all, someone has drowned.

Typically, the swimmers were unsupervised. Life jackets and life preservers were not available. Pool areas were not locked, allowing kids to sneak in after-hours. Signs did not spell out existing hazards.

The Medical Facts About Drowning Accidents

Swimming pool accidents and near-drownings often lead to asphyxiation, in which oxygen to the brain is cut off. The consequences of this cutoff are not always apparent right after the incident, but brain damage is always a possibility. If you have a child who may have suffered asphyxiation before being rescued in a pool accident and you are uncertain of the long-term effects of near-drowning, you will want to consider filing a claim now rather than later.

Shortly after a swimming pool drowning or near-drowning, negligent parties notify their insurance companies. These companies have top-of-the-line investigators, claims adjusters and lawyers who will work to save the insurance company from paying for your loss. This is when you need an experienced, competent personal injury firm working for you.

Our attorneys’ advice to you is: Let us talk to these insurance company representatives. They may sound friendly, but their concerns are entirely for their client, not for you. We know what and what not to tell them.

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