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Were The Premises Adequately Secured?

One dimension of premises liability law is negligent security. A customer enters the premises of a business or another property with the implicit expectation of not being attacked, assaulted or traumatized in any way. When any of these terrible things happens and the owner had the opportunity to make the place safer but neglected to do so, then compensation may be in order.

Every day, people are victims of violence on property owned by businesses: hotels, schools, apartment buildings, assisted living centers, office buildings, school dormitories, elevators, stairwells, shopping centers, parking ramps and garages, stadiums, amusement parks and ATM kiosks. Attacks can take the form of robbery, mugging, sexual assault, fighting, kidnapping and even murder.

Compensation For Florida Assault Victims

Businesses are obliged to provide reasonable security in the form of alarm systems, security guards, bouncers, video monitors and security cameras. Doors are to be kept locked. Lighting must be adequate for people to get around. Nursing homes are not to allow strangers to enter the facility and cause injuries.

Negligent security injury cases can be complicated because they often involve more than one business or government agency, each one with a separate insurer, and sometimes multiple victims. The Briggs Law Firm is experienced in dealing with complex cases and achieving maximum compensation for your injuries or losses.

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