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What If Your Medical Device Malfunctions?

If you have suffered a loss because of a defective medical device, or if you have undergone a procedure involving a medical device subject to a recall, you may be entitled to rightful compensation.

Even products that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can have significant design flaws or manufacturing defects. These defects lead to failure, with your body or the body of a family member taking the brunt of that failure.

Current devices under scrutiny include defibrillators, pacemakers, heart stents, pain pumps, birth control patches, insulin pumps, cochlear ear implants, infant warmers, breast implants and artificial hips.

Experienced Medical Product Liability Lawyers

Product defects are often the result of the maker rushing a product to market without proper testing or design. They can worsen conditions, lead to infections, yield incorrect data or require additional surgery to remove the device and reimplant it. Along the way, you incur medical costs, are unable to earn a living, and suffer from diminished function and pain. In worst cases, someone you love is lost because of a medical error.

Compensation is available for these medical errors, and The Briggs Law Firm can guide you through the process. Attorneys Randy Briggs and Bo Briggs have the experience you need in this complex and challenging field.

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