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Work Site Accidents Are Common

There are many reasons why construction sites have more than their share of serious accidents:

  • Construction sites change their layout every single day.
  • Power tools such as nail guns and jackhammers jam or fail.
  • Workers and construction vehicles must occupy the same space.
  • Ground is uneven and causes serious falls.
  • Employees for multiple contractors are not always sure what the other is doing.
  • Scaffolds and building frames collapse.
  • Forklifts, trucks and earthmovers cause injuries.
  • Falling objects and materials are common.
  • Fires, explosions, electrical accidents and toxic ventings are common.

Florida construction injuries are often very serious. At The Briggs Law Firm, our lawyers represent clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries and surviving family members in wrongful death claims.

Though these cases involve workers, these are not workers’ compensation cases. They are third-party claims in which we seek maximum compensation for you, beyond what workers’ compensation allows.

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Attorneys Bo and Randy Briggs seek compensation for the medical bills that are piling up, compensation for the period during which you cannot work, and compensation for the misery and discomfort resulting from your personal injury.

If you have been injured at a construction site, in a road construction zone or at any work site where the injury was the result of someone other than your employer, call The Briggs Law Firm at 352-671-4600 — or write to us using this email form.