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The Meaning Of Board Certification

Did you know that a Florida lawyer is not permitted to call himself or herself a specialist, or an expert unless they are board-certified by The Florida Bar?

You have been flooded with TV commercials, billboards and other forms of advertising by personal injury lawyers. Like most people, you would not have noticed that in North and Central Florida you almost never hear the advertising lawyer claim to be a “specialist,” or an “expert” or “board-certified.” If they were board-certified, rest assured they would tell you.

Does a lawyer need to be board-certified to be a good lawyer? No.

So does it make a difference? Let us answer that in this way.

The Federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta wrote in an opinion it published:

“The goal of The Florida Bar Certification process is to recognize in various fields of specialization exceptional attorneys, meaning those who stand out from others in all of the ways that make an attorney outstanding.” Doe v. Florida Bar, 630 F. 3d 1336, 1338 (11th Cir. 2011)

Of over 95,000 lawyers in Florida, only 155 (less than 0.2 percent) have been board-certified in civil trial law for 30 years. Randy is one of them, and was recognized along with 50 judges at a recent The Florida Bar Convention for this distinction.

Personal injury practice falls under the umbrella of civil trial law. To become certified in civil trial law one must achieve a certain level of experience, be favorably recommended by peers, both lawyers and judges, and pass a lengthy vigorous examination. Only those lawyers successfully doing so demonstrate to the profession and to their clients that they were willing to take those steps necessary to hold the highest independent measure and distinction of competency, professionalism and peer acknowledgment.

You can rest assured that your surgeon or your doctor treating your injuries is board-certified in his or her specialty.

So if you want a board-certified lawyer, a “specialist” or an “expert” involved in your case, you may want to call us.

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